Earlier this year, Seiko men's replica introduced two "limited edition" replica watches to their Prospex line, the Blue Lagoon SRPB11 "Turtle" and SRPB09 "Samurai." The new Turtle is similar to the SRP777 we reviewed here but it is the SRPB09 Samurai that grabbed my attention. The original Seiko Samurai replica watch was introduced in 2004, only to be discontinued a few years later. One of the less common "nicknamed" Seikos, I was thrilled to see that the Samurai was making a comeback (in blue, nonetheless). It's funny, but when I got this replica watch I wasn’t actively looking at replica watches to buy, much less divers. But, as with many other Seikos, the value proposition was too good to resist at $550.

Oddly, perhaps, I always seem to inadvertently have a blue Seiko dive replica watch in my rotation. I had a Seiko SNZH53 to quench that thirst and while that is a great value replica watch, it lacked some refinement in the design and finish, and so was slowly falling out of my usual rotation. When I saw the Seiko Prospex Blue Lagoon Samurai SRPB09 and finally came across one for sale, the design, famed Seiko Prospex Replica quality, and reasonably affordable price point worked in tandem to push me over the edge.

The Samurai (SBDA003) was produced from 2004-2008 and the replica watch’s moniker was derived from its handset which resembled a Samurai’s sword. Though this handset has been replaced in the SRPB09, the angular lines of the case, specifically the unique lugs, have been retained from the original Samurai. This replica watch combines all the elements that made the Prospex line famous; history, reliability, great value, and a unique case design that I've always loved and admired. Though I also quite like the Turtle cushion case, for me, there's nothing like this angular classic design.

The stainless steel case clocks in at 43.8mm wide and 13mm thick which is par for the course for Seiko divers. While this is quite large, the replica watch was designed to be a tool replica watch and the priority during a dive is legibility of the dial/bezel. You’ll be happy to hear, however, that for the average desk diver like me, the replica watch wears small and quite comfortably, thanks to the short, slanted lugs. My wrist is 7" around, which should give you an idea of how the replica watch would wear.