Take A Look At The Seiko Prospex Blue Lagoon Samurai SRPB09 Replica

Earlier this year, Seiko men's replica introduced two "limited edition" replica watches to their Prospex line, the Blue Lagoon SRPB11 "Turtle" and SRPB09 "Samurai." The new Turtle is similar to the SRP777 we reviewed here but it is the SRPB09 Samurai that grabbed my attention. The original Seiko Samurai replica watch was introduced in 2004, only to be discontinued a few years later. One of the less common "nicknamed" Seikos, I was thrilled to see that the Samurai was making a comeback (in blue, nonetheless).

Professional Swiss Replica Watches Seiko Prospex Air Dive “Monster”

Speaking of water sports, the guys over at Professional Watches got hands on with the new Swiss Replica Seiko Prospex Air Dive “Monster”, going so far as to describe it as “one of the most affordable automatic mechanical movement powered dive watches on the market.”

Perfectly sized for summer at 42.3mm, the new Air Dive “Monster” is a great alternative for when you just want to head to the beach without having to worry too much about your watch.

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